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AashiTech System is the trusted leading IT Solution and Services provider company having offices in UAE and India. We provide a wide range of innovative digital solutions catering to the business needs of organizations.

We develop custom IT solutions for various business verticals and  provide a wide range of services, specialize in Websites and applications development, ERP Solutions, Ecommerce websites, Mobile applications, E-learning solution, Search engine optimization, Digital marketing and Document management system.

Our Solutions and Services

Website Development

Our Expert team of designers and developers create high class professional websites with unique and creative design that engages audiences and help in converting them to potential customers. We design websites with simple navigation and easy to use interface that works on all devices (mobile, tablets, laptops) and any browser.

Ecommerce Development

Grow your business online with our Ecommerce web Development services. We develop fully customizable Ecommerce websites that carefully categorize your products and make visually appealing web page designs that attract a wider range of customers.


Document Management System

Our developers have a wealth of experience in developing an Electronic Document management system that makes organization paperless. EDMS that we develop are safe and secure keeping in consideration the sensitivity and importance of your data files. We build a fully customizable Electronic Document management system based on your requirement.

E-learning Solution

We develop customised online learning solutions and learning management system tailored to your business needs. We create E-learning courses for educational institutions, corporate E-learning solutions for enterprises, training solutions, videos and animations. E-learning courses we develop are of high standards and also mobile compatible.

Digital Marketing

With everything moving online, digital marketing helps organisations to promote their businesses online and expand their reach to targeted audience. Online platforms like social media sites have the users available across the globe that provides better reach of audience who could be interested in your product and services. Using Search Engine Optimisation which is one of the effective marketing mediums to improve website ranking, businesses can make their brand more visible on online search.


Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are highly in demand as the use of apple phones, ipads, android phones have become very common. Get your Mobile apps developed by our experienced tech team who build incredible apps across different platforms- IOS, Android, Windows. Developing mobile apps and targeting app stores of apple phones, ipads, android phones and tablets provides you a great opportunity to make your business thriving in an easily accessible marketplace of smartphone users.


ERP Solution

ERP software is a powerful tool that simplifies daily business processes and help businesses to control their finance, human capital, sales, production, and other business areas. It incorporates reports and metrics from multiple departments and makes them accessible on a single platform. This makes it easier for businesses to get a complete overview of all departmental processes and resources that are being used and management can use the key insights to enhance the quality of decision making and improve resource planning, a much-needed trait for a business to generate higher growth and good returns.

Our Approach

We manage our projects efficiently and follow processes that guide the development of application from concept to deployment and maintenance. Our approach ensures minimizing business risks, manage uncertainty and control cost to deliver a product that aligns with the ever-evolving business needs of the organization.

We identify and document  project’s requirements by understanding the needs of stakeholders, users, and the business. Analyze requirement and define scope to ensure they are clear, complete and feasible.

We create detailed design specification that outlines architecture, components, and interactions of the application.


We develop application and write code based on design specifications, following best practices to ensure readability, maintainability, and quality.

We conduct various testing activities including unit testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing to identify defects, errors and fix them to ensure application functions as per requirements.

We first prepare the application for release to users and then deploy it to production environment ensuring it functions correctly as per requirement.

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for the application in production environment for issues and bugs fixing and updates as needed.

Why Choose Us?

Aashitech is a leading digital solution provider company, we leverage the latest technologies and planned strategy to develop products that meet clients’ requirement and help them accelerate in business and achieve their goal. We have a top-class team of experienced and skilled developers building cost effective, the most innovative and high standard products for our clients, creating trust and value through our work. We work with small to large organizations across all industries and consider our clients as our strategic partners and see our growth in their success.

If you have any question or want to know more about our services and solutions, feel free to contact us.

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