Mobile Application Development

Customized Native and Cross-platform apps for mobile devices

Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps are the software applications that are designed and developed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These applications are developed to operate on different operating systems like IOS, Android and Windows.

Since everyone is using smartphones nowadays, mobile apps are high in demand and so developing a mobile app for your business helps you to reach a wider range of audience who prefers to access applications through smartphones.

We have a high class specialized mobile app development team and our innovative mobile apps are built using latest and advanced technology and are engaging and user friendly.


Our professional experienced development team carefully analyzes your business requirements and designs the app that better meets your business goals. We plan and work to take care of designing, development, testing and final implementation efficiently. To continually upgrade, enhance and maintain the app, we also provide support services.

We have proven expertise in developing mobile OS supported applications and we develop for platforms IOS, Android and windows.


Why Do Businesses need Mobile App?

In today’s world of technology advancement, everyone is using smartphones and prefers easy accessibility of information, services and products with few taps on their screens through mobile apps. This makes mobile apps high in demand and every business needs mobile app for their brand to target these large range of audience who prefers the convenience of accessing application through their smartphones and tablets.

Benefits of having Mobile App

Mobile app offers compelling advantages to both businesses and users, here are some of the key advantages:

Enhance User Experience

Mobile apps provide user friendly, interactive interface and are highly engaging that gives user a seamless experience. They are designed to perform faster and easy to use.  This enhances user satisfaction and makes mobile apps more in demand.

Accessibility And Convenience

User can access mobile apps anytime, easily on his mobile screen. This makes it convenient for users to access information, product and services using mobile apps whenever needed and also keeps them engaged regularly.

Offline Functionality

Many mobile apps offer offline capabilities and provide user with functionalities that can be used without internet. Apps that involve reading, playing games, camera, photo editing, offline maps are particularly run without internet and appeals more to the users.

Push Notification

Mobile apps send push notifications that user can see appearing on his mobile screen. These notifications are about promotional offers, events, reminders that effectively engages users and keeps them updated and informed.

Utilization Of Device Capability

Some of the features of Mobile devices such as camera, GPS, finger print identification can be accessed by Mobile apps. This provides additional capabilities and enable apps to create interactive features and functionalities that gives it advantage over websites.

Brand Building And Customer Loyalty

Well designed app effectively engages users and gives them comfort, seamless and reliable experience. This strengthens brand’s reputation and trust amongst users, makes them to favor app and become loyal to the brand.  

Data Analysis

Mobile apps provide user data that gives insight to their behaviors, preferences and age group. This data helps businesses to make decisions to refine their marketing strategies and optimize product and services.

Monetization Opportunities

Mobile apps offer monetization opportunities to businesses through in-app purchases, subscriptions, advertisements. This creates revenue streams that can help generate income.

Competitive Advantage

Mobile apps are more in demand but not yet widespread, so adopting modern technology and having a well-designed and functional app gives businesses a competitive edge and provides them the opportunity to expand reach to smart phone users.

Mobile Application Services We offer

As the use of mobile devices are continuously rising, approach of marketing and brand promotion is also changing and opting for mobile apps becomes the strategy to reach larger and thriving market of smart phone users. AashiTech is a leading mobile app development company and we offer custom made mobile apps for smartphones and tablets users. We divide our process of developing app into stages: Requirement Analysis, prototyping, design, development, testing and deployment. Our highly skilled team takes the job of crafting mobile apps that meets your business objectives. We follow industry’s best practices to develop high-quality, high-performance and secure mobile apps for IOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

We offer design and development of native apps for IOS, Android and Windows operating systems. We cover complete life cycle of app from development to app store launch and upgrades.     

IOS App Development

Apple has established a community of loyal consumer base because of its high quality and performance. In modern tech world, demand of Apple devices is growing faster and businesses need IOS apps to promote their brands and target the market of IOS device users.       

android mobile app

Android device has captured a huge market of consumers and it is rapidly growing. This operating system provides platform for innovative app development and android apps are high in demand. Businesses need Android apps to extend their reach to this large consumer market of android device users.

Android App Development

windows mobile app

Windows mobile device users are still growing as compared to IOS and Android but it has a huge potential in competitive market to attract consumers who prefer windows operating system. Apps for windows phones are under supplied, businesses can capitalize on the market gap and opt for windows apps to target growing consumer base of windows mobile device users.

Windows App Development

We develop cross platform mobile app by writing code that makes the app run on both IOS and Android operating systems. Cross platform apps have the same capabilities and performance like native apps but here the advantage is faster production and reusability of code. React Native, Flutter and Xamarin cross platform frameworks are used for mobile app development. 

Our skilled team develops APIs that help to integrate your mobile app to backend database and third-party apps. We also develop APIs that helps to integrate app to your existing ERP or CRM systems to facilitate flow of data.

We also provide support and maintenance services for mobile apps and takes care of version upgrades, error fixing etc. to make the app updated, functional, running and available to users all the time.

Looking For Mobile APP Development?

If you are looking for Mobile App Development service, let’s discuss your requirement. Our team of experts will help you develop Mobile App that better suits your brand.

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