Document Management System

Make your organization paperless and streamline your document management with EDMS

Paper based manual process of document management is time consuming and prone to errors. There are also security concerns, integration issue, problem of limited storage capacity and accessibility outside premises. Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is the answer for all these concerns, it makes an organization paperless and helps to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based documents captured through a document scanner.

EDMS software has a wide range of features that help organizations to manage data both inside and outside the company premises.

EDMS can be fully customized and designed in such a way that you can make changes in your document management system according to your requirement



SharePoint Document Management System

Streamline your Document management and start building an organized DMS with Sharepoint

We provide SharePoint based Document management system tailored to meet your specific requirement and objectives and takes care of all your concerns for Document management. 

SharePoint DMS is a collaborative platform that allows parallel usage and multiple user activities to store and manage data.

Microsoft SharePoint online is Cloud based, secure and can be accessed from anywhere. Users with Microsoft 365 account get access to SharePoint and other Microsoft office tools.

SharePoint centralized Document Manager allows to control handling of documents and files in the library through permissions and roles. Admin has the superuser access to the documents, they can add, modify, delete files and also assign and delete co-author permission of the document.

Workflows are created to ensure correct and effective document circulation across the enterprise providing security and proper access control of the Documents.

SharePoint has given vast scope of integration to the developers.It can be integrated with office 365, Microsoft teams, OneDrive, Dropbox, Microsoft planner, Dynamics 365 for seamless collaboration and streamlining document management process. 

SharePoint based DMS can also be integrated with any other system currently being used in the organization based on requirement.

Key Features of EDMS

Document creation

Creating new digital documents from paper documents using scanner. The primary purpose of using EDMS is to make digital copies of all the files and documents available within an organization and making the organization paperless.

Document Indexing

Indexing involves tagging the documents with appropriate terms so that they can be searched easily. This feature helps to improve the quality of your search results so that relevant documents can be found easily without waste of time.

Document search

EDMS comes with an excellent document search feature that makes easier to search documents using the file names, keywords, or metadata. You can also use some advanced filters that help you to search audio, images or video files within no time.

Document processing

 EDMS usually possesses the capabilities of intelligent character recognition and optical character recognition. Utilizing these capabilities, it can easily convert paper-based documents to electronic or digital documents.

Data security&access control

Data security is the feature that is responsible for securing and protecting your cloud-based data from unauthorized access. Based on the scope of work, you can specify only selective persons to access your data.



This is the feature that relates to the analytics of your management system. This will give you an idea about how data is flowing within your organization and how your team members are using it for their own good.


This feature allows you to track changes made within your data. Data stored in the form of digital files or documents is essential for carrying out the regulatory processes of an organization. Therefore, to secure the originality of the documents, your management system must be good enough to trace every change made within your document.


Starting from basic imaging, all the document management systems have come a long way to provide customers with features like collaboration and share. These state-of-the-art features provide collaborative platform and allows employees(multiple users) of an organization to access information from all over the world in an instant.

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