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Creating effective learning experiences for modern day learners

E-learning is a modern and more engaging way of learning with the use of advanced technology that has completely changed the old traditional learning methods. We design and build high quality, innovative, and fully customized E-learning courses, learning management system, training solutions, animations, videos for educational institutions and industries on any topic.


We use the latest technology and develop mobile friendly solutions. Our e-learning solutions are mobile compatible and customized considering your business requirement, brand needs and training requirements. We develop multilingual courses and can translate the course in your local language or any language your users need.


We build scenario based learning techniques and simulations that give users an experience of real life scenarios and better understanding of their roles. Nowadays game based Learning is also more in demand specially kids like to learn that way. It makes learning more engaging, interesting and fun.



Digital Content Solutions

E-learning & Training Solutions

Our corporate training and e-learning solutions are designed and developed effectively to benefit employees to enhance their knowledge, skill and capabilities. This helps organization to address skill gaps and improve overall performance. We carefully design quality content based on organizational business requirement and objectives to develop training solutions such as Technical and Job-Specific Training, Onboarding and New Employee Orientation, Compliance and Regulatory Training, Professional Development and Upskilling, Sales and Customer Service Training and many more based on client’s needs.

K12 Content Solutions

We develop K12 learning solutions designed as per the global curriculum in multiple languages for students in primary, middle and high schools. K12 learning content solution mainly focus on science, mathematics, coding and computer science. Its built-in assessment tool allows teachers to administer quizzes, tests, and assignments digitally, providing immediate feedback to students and facilitating efficient grading. These tools can also generate reports and analytics to help teachers identify areas of improvement and tailor instruction accordingly. Our K12 content are engaging, interactive and multimedia rich aligned by specific subjects and grade level and developed by subject matter expert.  

Higher Education Solutions

E-learning has become increasingly prevalent in higher education. It gives  students the flexibility to learn from anywhere through internet connection at their own pace and convenience and it is particularly beneficial for working professionals. We develop educational framework that addresses the learning needs of students and create a program that enables them to develop the skills they require to gain proficiency in their subjects making them more competent in global job market. Our E-learning platform includes built in assessment tools that helps instructors to track student’s progress effectively and streamlines the assessment process.

Mobile Based Learning

Mobile learning allows learners to access learning content anytime, anywhere on a mobile device through mobile apps and platforms supporting self-paced learning. We offer custom mobile learning solutions for corporate training and for student’s learning. We design the content for multiple devices and mobile platforms keeping in mind storage space, UX design for better usability and high responsiveness.

Game Based Learning

Learning through games is more engaging and a fun experience. Rewards and points in game-based learning motivates students and enhances their enjoyment making the learning process more interesting. We develop games based on different scenarios, strategies, judgement and problem-solving skills to facilitate learning and development.


Scenario Based Learning

Scenario based learning solutions are developed keeping in mind various real-life situations, challenges, decision making scenarios that are faced by learners at work and as a part of his job role. We develop these scenario-based learning solutions that allows learner to see the impact of his decision and action taken in different situations and guide him to learn and improve his performance at work.

Custom E-learning Solutions

Every organization has its own requirement and not one size fits all, so we develop customized E-learning solutions as per individual needs. We cater to the learning and development requirements of different industries and their diverse workforce and design customized solution meeting their unique learning objectives.

E-learning Localisation

As the businesses are expanding globally, localization service plays an important role to reach local people in various geographical areas.  Learning courses offered in native languages are more effective and easier to learn. 

We have the expert team who carefully develop learning content in multiple languages and mapping it to local culture with the use of voice over artist and native translator.    

Animation&Video Based Learning

Learning through videos is the most engaging and effective way of learning. Video based learning is popular on social media platform specially YouTube videos which is easily accessible to all. We use animations, appealing visuals and graphics to craft videos which is more interactive and brings the academic content to life making it more real and engaging.






Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Instructor led training/Virtual instructor led training is impactful and more interactive way of delivering training where more of videos and multimedia rich contents are used instead of traditional text-based content. We study the existing method of training, training materials used and resource requirement, and our team of expert instructional designer and graphic designer plan and develop more interactive, visually appealing and effective ILT/VILT content which empowers instructors to deliver more engaging experience and achieve training goals.

Virtual Reality Based Training

Virtual reality and augmented reality gives learner a real-world object experience by creating a virtual environment of real world. VR and AR based solutions are more useful in delivering trainings in safety, disaster management and high-risk zone training.  We develop AR and VR based training solutions that provide learners a simulation-based environment with action control to do experiments, make decisions in different scenarios and learn to improve performance in a risk-free environment.



Learning Management System

Learning management system provides the platform to roll out all your e-learning trainings and educational programs, track and manage progress all in one place. We provide cloud based LMS where training can be launched to users and content can be accessed from anywhere globally on multiple devices. 

Our LMS can be integrated with HRMS/ERP and other systems and also easily customizable look and feel wise as per specific  requirement of the organization. We also provide comprehensive setup, maintenance and support for Moodle LMS.     

Are you looking for E-learning solution?

If you are looking for E-learning solution for your organization, let’s discuss your requirement. Our E-learning consultant will be more than happy to help you and craft an E-learning solution that better meets your business objectives.

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